We enjoy working with business owners because we can see the real impact on the business quickly and clearly. Due to the nature of large corporations, we are limited to helping a middle manager improve performance against his budget.  While we do that well, too, it's just not as satisfying as getting our arms around both production and sales, and making a business really hum.

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About We Reduce Chaos

Ed Young, Chief Chaos Reducer

Consulting with a range of businesses from one person start-ups to international Fortune 100 corporations, Ed understands that each business needs an appropriate structure for its unique situation. Experienced in conducting turnarounds, growing businesses, and consulting with owners and managers at all levels, Ed is capable of determining the needs of your business and implementing a plan to increase its profitability. However, those skills don't just come from a career in consulting - they come from a rich lifetime of experience that is grounded in his own manufacturing career as well as owning his own brick and mortar business. 

Prior to consulting, Ed started out in Industrial Engineering and made his way through New Products Engineer, Engineering Manager, HR Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Operations. Along the way, he picked up certification in Constraint Management and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  Because of this well rounded background, Ed fully understands the challenges you face and is uniquely suited to help you find that path that leads through the chaos and on to greater  profits.


No one person can do everything for everyone.  As needed, we bring in experienced personnel who, from previous experience, we know and trust to deliver exceptional results.  Typically our associates will have at least 10 years of real world experience prior to consulting. Many have more than that.  Most of our associates have a broad industry background while some will have specific specialties such as engineering, marketing, strategic planning,, and others.  All of our associates are are committed to helping you achieve outstanding results.