How We Work


Every situation and every client is different.  That makes it difficult to describe exactly how we would help you. Obviously we are going to customize a solution for your particular situation.  To help you understand, in a general sense, how we go about that, here are some of the ways we approach that - along with a statement of our values.  If this seems like a good fit for you, give us a call and we can get more specific about your particular needs.

Engagement Plan

Non-traditional approach

We have a phone call or two to discuss your specific needs and agree on an initial approach.  We send you a simple Memorandum of Understanding outlining what we have agreed to do.  Then we show up and get to work.  At the end of that first visit, we sit down and decide mutually if we want to continue the relationship.  If the answer is 'No', then there is no obligation beyond that initial visit.  If the answer is 'Yes", then we decide together how to continue.  This approach provides maximum value to you with no long term obligation.

Traditional approach

  1. We schedule 2 days on site to conduct an assessment and deliver a written report which we deliver at that visit.
  2. We generate a full proposal for services including schedule, deliverables, costs, and anticipated results.
  3. You sign the proposal.
  4. We execute on the deliverables.

While the assessment report contains actionable recommendations, its true value lies in your ability to execute on those recommendations.  For some clients, the report is sufficient.  Others need assistance managing that execution. 


Fee structures

Fixed Fee

We don't bill by the hour.  Frankly it's a lot of non-value-added work on our part to track those details and there is too much room for error.  We prefer to bill daily.  If we are on your site. work all day in the plant, then go work in the hotel room that evening - that's one day.


Frequently we decide to bet financially with a client on their success.  This means we baseline specific financial measurements prior to the engagement and get paid a share of the improvement of those metrics for a limited time.  This structure requires a fee up front which is repaid by the gainshare prior to us receiving additional funds.  This is a mutual trust relationship that suits longer term engagements.


Our Values

  • We believe we have to earn the right to breathe your air every day.  The only way to do that is by adding value for you.
  • You determine if what we are delivering is creating value for you.  For owner operated businesses this generally means more money in the bank than when we started the engagement.
  • We don't use a lot of lingo or specialized terms.  We don't try to impress you with our command of any foreign language.  Let's use terms that make sense.
  • Our services are not something we do to you, nor are they something we do for you.  The best results come from activities we do with you to improve your business.
  • We will not begin work that we expect you to pay for until you have agreed in advance.  This keeps you from getting a 'surprise' invoice.  None of us like those types of surprises.
  • If at any point in the engagement, you don't think we are adding value, we pause all activities to see if we can figure out how we can fix it.  If we can't fix it, the engagement is over with no further obligation.  By the way - we have the same right - if you aren't executing on recommendations, we don't need to be there.
  • We train while doing.  Unless you really want them, we won't deliver all day classroom training sessions without integrating substantial hands-on activities in the plant.